$15,500,000 Jury Verdict

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

In 2004, Prince Glover Law obtained a $15,500,000 verdict in federal court for a client who was involved in a automobile accident with a double tractor-trailer owned by Roadway Express Trucking Company, one of the largest trucking companies in the United States. The company gave the keys to one of its drivers who had nine previous traffic accidents and several motorist complaints while working for Roadway Express. The driver of the Roadway Express truck crossed over the median and drove into the oncoming line of traffic and struck our client’s vehicle head on, causing her severe injuries. Despite the on-scene efforts of Roadway’s “risk control” team, the evidence clearly indicated Roadway’s fault and the jury’s verdict sends a loud message to trucking companies across  the United States.  This staggering verdict surpassed the largest personal injury jury verdict ever in Tuscaloosa County, which was set by Prince Glover Law in 1999.


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