Attorneys referring cases to Prince, Glover & Hayes can be confident that they and their clients will not only get the best possible results, but someone at the firm will always be available to give them the latest status information. When almost every case is a long process, both of these factors are crucial to success.
Pep Johnston, Esquire
P.M. Johnston, Attorney at Law, P.C.
Retired District Attorney – Fayette, Lamar and Pickens Counties
Aliceville, Alabama

Prince, Glover & Hayes is a law firm that is readily accessible to accept referrals. Their firm is fast in results and will reach a successful resolution for clients. I have been pleased with their litigation skills and favorable results.
Randall M. Cheshire, Esquire
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I’ve enjoyed a working relationship with Prince, Glover & Hayes for over five years. Our association on cases has greatly enhanced my personal injury, wrongful death and civil plaintiff practice. They know that the best results are achieved through preparation with the utilization of legal and medical experts, investigators, other professionals and trained support staff to prepare the cases from the very beginning for trial. When working with them on a case, the roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Further, they are very accessible to the clients and me. In fact, they are available on nights and weekends when necessary. Prince, Glover & Hayes has been very generous to me and I look forward to the continued association and success with them on cases in the future.
Aaron Gartlan, Esquire
The Gartlan Law Firm, LLC
Dothan, Alabama

As a solo practitioner in a rural part of the State, I lack the resources and manpower to handle a complex wrongful death case on my own. By working with Prince, Glover & Hayes, I maximize the probability that my clients receive the best possible outcome. The attorneys at Prince, Glover & Hayes keep me and the clients informed every step of the way and are quick to respond to any questions we have. Their good work on referred cases helps keep happy clients coming back in my door.
Brett King, Esquire
Locust Fork, Alabama

Having a general practice in a midsized firm in a small town has its challenges. The Prince, Glover & Hayes firm is irreplaceable when it comes to assisting in complicated personal injury cases that a firm of our size could not handle because of the amount of time involved and the cost. They are dedicated to balancing the needs of your client with the ever cumbersome process of litigation. A case sent to the Prince, Glover & Hayes is not just a referral, but a true association. If so desired, you participate in the litigation. It is like having a high powered litigator across the hall from your office.
Matthew Carter, Esquire
Fuller, Willingham, Fuller & Carter
Cullman, Alabama

I am very pleased with my relationship with Prince, Glover & Hayes. Their work product is outstanding and the friendships I have developed with the lawyers there are truly special. I plan to continue sending them my serious personal injury cases and have encouraged other local lawyers to do the same.
Mark Dutton, Esquire
Moulton, Alabama

The Prince, Glover & Hayes law firm is probably the most respected, efficient, dedicated and caring law firm that I have been associated with. The staff is always professional and the attorneys do everything possible to ensure success for their clients. I have been blessed to work with the firm on several cases and I will continue to refer serious injuries cases to them as my practice grows.
Horace Kynard, Esquire
Bessemer, Alabama

I have always found the attorneys at Prince, Glover & Hayes to be readily available to assist me and my clients in their time of need. They are knowledgeable in all areas of civil law and are a valuable asset to our legal community. It is always a pleasure to work with them.
Kelly McCaleb Kearney, Esquire
The Law Offices of Kelly McCaleb Kearney, LLC
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I have immense respect for the attorneys at Prince, Glover & Hayes, both personally and professionally. This admiration is reassured each time I forward an injured client or family member their way.
D. Andrew Rhodes, Esquire
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Prompt and Thorough
I highly recommend the team at Prince, Glover & Hayes. It is always good to receive the firm’s prompt and thorough opinions and case evaluations and my clients and I have been well-satisfied with the firm’s work product.
Wayne L. Williams, Esquire
Wayne L. Williams & Associates, LLC
Former District Attorney of Tuscaloosa County
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Expert Litigators
When I refer a personal injury client to the folks at Prince, Glover & Hayes, I am always confident that the client’s matter will be handled with the utmost professionalism while keeping me updated regularly as it progresses. The firm employs the most advanced resources and technology available which clearly is evident at mediation or trial. I would say that they have expert litigation skills. The support staff at Prince, Glover & Hayes is extremely proficient and is well versed to handle a wide range and diversity of clients. I have been more than satisfied when I send a client to them and know that they are in good hands.
Steven F. Long, Esquire
Birmingham, Alabama

It has been our pleasure to refer cases to and associate with the law firm of Prince, Glover & Hayes. This has proven to be a successful and enjoyable endeavor and we have found each member of that law firm to be knowledgeable, professional, and effective in handling plaintiff’s litigation. We certainly intend to associate
with them on plaintiff’s cases in the future.
John A. Russell, III,
John A. Russell, IV
Russell & Russell, P.C.
Aliceville, Alabama

Over the last 8 years that I have been in private practice the firm of Prince, Glover & Hayes been a valuable asset to me. When I left the District Attorney’s Office, I had no clue what to look for in a potential plaintiff’s case. The firm has provided me with the guidance, knowledge, and experience to properly assess potential claims. Additionally, I have referred several cases to Prince, Glover & Hayes and have had great results. I would encourage any lawyer to seek assistance from the PG&H team when taking on an area law with which they may not be familiar.
Jason Neff, Esquire
Sims & Neff, LLC
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Prince, Glover & Hayes has the perfect combination of time, talent and resources to properly handle a big trucking case. As a referring attorney, I am able to discuss all of the issues surrounding the case with the lead attorney on a regular basis, in addition to my being kept regularly informed of the progress of the case. That means a lot and my experience with other firms has not been that way. Rather, you find yourself dealing with office staff and promised call backs that never happen. The team at PG&H is always accessible to both me and to the client. I have had nothing but praise from the clients I have referred their way because they know what is going on with their case. Likewise, I have not had anyone complain about a result that has been obtained by the firm. I think this goes hand in hand with keeping the client informed about the status of their case and taking the time to explain the facts in a way that the client can understand it. I recommend the folks at Prince, Glover & Hayes with enthusiasm.
Jim Jacobs, Esquire
Ozark, Alabama