Alabama Ranks in Top 5 Deadliest States for Auto Accidents

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Each year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety releases in-depth data on automobile accidents and fatalities from the previous year, which examine national trends and provide state-by-state analysis of reported information. Currently, the most up-to-date data reflect accidents and fatalities from the year 2011. According to the report, Alabama ranks in the top 5 deadliest auto accident states with a fatality average significantly higher than the national average of automobile accidents. Mississippi ranked as the deadliest state for accidents, followed by Montana, Alabama, Wyoming and Arkansas.

Notable statistics for Alabama:
• In Alabama, there are 18.6 automobile accident deaths per 100,00 people; the national average is 10.4
• 45% of all fatalities occurred in cars, 30% in pickup trucks and SUVs
• 54% of all fatalities were the result of a single-vehicle crash
• 56% of the deceased vehicle occupants were unrestrained by a seat belt
• 61% of all fatal crashes occurred in rural areas of the state

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