Attorney Blake Williams Settles Case Involving Multi-Car Collision

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Monday, May 5th, 2014

Attorney Blake Williams settled a case where our client was involved in a four-car collision in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Due to a rear-end collision, our client suffered injuries to her back, neck and head. She experienced ongoing back and neck pain, with painful headaches. Mr. Williams attempted to resolve the case without filing a lawsuit; however, the insurance company for the individual whose vehicle struck our client’s did not make a fair offer to settle the case. Therefore, Mr. Williams elected to file a lawsuit in hopes of reaching a fair and reasonable resolution for our client.

After several months of hard work, Mr. Williams and the other party decided to try to resolve the case at mediation. Mediation was a success and Mr. Williams was able to reach a settlement agreement that amounted to three times the offer made by the insurance company pre-lawsuit. Due to this settlement agreement, the case was resolved without going to trial.

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