Bob Prince and Paul Clemens to Speak at the People’s Law School

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Thursday, March 19th, 2009

On March 23rd, Bob Prince and Paul Clemens of Prince Glover Law will speak at the People’s Law School in Huntsville, Alabama.  Paul will be speaking about workers compensation cases while Bob will talk about some of the firm’s recent cases where the injuries of our clients resulted in both a workers comp case and a products liability case.

Prince Glover Law has extensive experience in representing people who have been hurt on the job.  Sometimes, if the injuries are severe enough, the firm will also investigate the particular product or piece of machinery that injured the worker. The firm handles these type cases all around the state of Alabama. They apply their years of experience, aggressive litigation techniques and top-notch investigative skills to vigorously represent the victims of such accidents. By keeping up with modern trends and changing laws, Prince Glover Law remains at the forefront of making products safe.

Bob’s and Paul’s presentation will be aired throughout the state in the upcoming months. Please watch to see how Prince Glover is daily fighting for those they represent.


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