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Robert Prince Wins Environmental Litigation/Toxic Law Firm of the Year

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes October 26, 2018

Lawyer Monthly magazine recently announced that PGH attorney Robert Prince was the 2018 winner and recipient of the following award:  Environmental Litigation/Toxic Law Firm of the Year in the United States.  He will be recognized in the magazine’s 2018 Legal Awards edition.  Mr. Prince has represented hundreds of clients whose person or property has been […]


Robert Prince and Blake Williams File Environmental Lawsuit on behalf of citizens of Uniontown

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes March 28, 2018

Attorneys Robert Prince and Blake Williams recently filed a complaint in Perry County, Alabama against Southeastern Cheese Corporation, Southeastern Energy and Fertilizer, and Crosscreek Farm. Our attorneys are representing a large group of citizens in Uniontown, Alabama, who live near the plant, its sprayfields and waste disposal facilities. For years, citizens of Uniontown who live […]


Senior Partner Bob Prince Negotiates Fayette County Environmental Suits to Successful Conclusion

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes August 25, 2017

Bob Prince recently engineered settlements for 264 Arvin Industries employees who were exposed to high levels of the dangerous chemicals formaldehyde and hexavalent chromium.  The employees, unaware of the dangerous nature of the chemicals, endured years of exposure. This overexposure resulted in the employees experiencing bodily injury and mental suffering. The settlement was with the […]


Prince, Glover & Hayes Presented with Environmental Accomplishment Certificate

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes May 20, 2013

Prince, Glover & Hayes is proud to be recognized with a Certificate of Environmental Accomplishment through Shred-it’s Trees Saved Program, a corporate responsibility campaign aimed at reducing deforestation and pollution through baling and recycling paper waste. Last year, our firm recycled enough material to save 20 trees from destruction. According to industry estimates, for every […]


Prince, Glover & Hayes Encourages You to “Go Green”

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes July 20, 2010

We have “gone green” at Prince, Glover & Hayes and we encourage you to also. We use a program to recycle paper at our office and have, according to the folks who administer the program, saved thirteen trees so far this year. We also recycle plastic, aluminum and cardboard. The City of Tuscaloosa recycles #1 […]


$3,000,000 Environmental Settlement

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes November 13, 2008

This case is another example of an environmental trespass/nuisance case handled by Prince Glover Law.  The case involved a wood processing plant that failed to take appropriate measures to keep its environmental waste from interfering with the lives and property of neighboring residents. Fumes and spontaneous combustion pollutants created by the plant left soot and […]


$43,800,000 Environmental Jury Verdict

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes November 11, 2008

On October 3, 2001, a Hale County jury ordered Plantation Pipeline to pay our client, his son and a family trust $43,800,000 including $37,000,000 in punitive damages. The plaintiffs sued Plantation Pipeline and Chevron after our client dug an irrigation well on his small farm and struck gasoline.  At trial, it was proven that Plantation […]