Coe Baxter Settles Accident Case

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Prince, Glover & Hayes attorney Coe Baxter recently settled another vehicle accident case. Our clients were pinned between a guardrail and another vehicle when a truck made an unsafe lane change. Our clients suffered multiple injuries, including a sprained wrist, contusions, neck pain, lower back numbness, tingling in fingers, and shoulder pain. The adverse did not have high insurance policy limits, so getting all our clients’ bills paid was not easy. However, Mr. Baxter made it happen. He was able to get our clients’ medical providers to accept reduced payments and even waived his attorney’s fee so our clients could get the maximum recovery and take care of all the expenses they incurred as a result of this accident.

At Prince, Glover & Hayes we truly care about our clients and will do whatever we possibly can to help.


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