Firm Settles Car Wreck Case for Policy Limits

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Prince, Glover & Hayes attorney Coe Baxter has settled a car wreck case that left our client severely injured. She was traveling down a highway in Tuscaloosa when the adverse driver turned right in front of her, forcing our client’s vehicle to strike his vehicle. Our client’s car rolled once before coming to a rest. She suffered a broken knee and had to have reconstructive surgery. In addition, she had to wear a cervical collar for four months. Mr. Baxter was able to settle for policy limits on the adverse driver’s policy and our client’s underinsured insurance policy. UIM, or underinsured motorist coverage, covers you in the event the at-fault driver does not have enough insurance coverage to cover all your medical bills and expenses. Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage is inexpensive and very important if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with a driver who does not have enough insurance to pay for your injuries or the driver does not have insurance at all.


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