General Job Responsibilities of the Railroad Crew

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Conductor: Occupying the lead unit of the train, the conductor is in charge of an assigned train and responsible for all employees on that train. The conductor is responsible for the safe and proper management of the train and for the observance and enforcement of all rules and instructions. Before departure, the conductor must know that the air brakes have been tested and that the train is ready for movement.

Engineer: The engineer is responsible for the proper performance and handling of engines; he or she inspects the train’s engines and reports any defects or irregular conditions. When there is no conductor, or if the conductor is incapacitated, the engineer is in charge of the train. While the train is in motion, the engineer does not leave the engine cab.

Road Foreman: The Road Foreman is the supervisor of the engineer. Although the Road Foreman’s position is supervisory, he or she is also responsible for training, disciplining, and instructing the engineer. The Road Foreman only rides the train occasionally.

Train Master: The Train Master supervises and coordinates the activities of the train crews. He or she is responsible for initiating and providing an accurate, complete, and timely investigation of all accidents and incidents, to include cause, remedial action, and recommended solutions. The Train Master only rides the train occasionally.


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