Important Consumer Safety Legislation Introduced by Congressman Bruce Braley

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Friday, September 6th, 2013

Prince, Glover & Hayes is proud to support Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley in his efforts to make our highways safer.  Along with Congressman Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania, Congressman Braley has introduced A SAFE HAUL Act which would permanently address the problem of underinsurance in the motor carrier industry.

The current required insurance minimum for trucking operations is $750,000, which was set in 1980.  In today’s dollars, that equates to $4.4 million.  In staying consistent with current law, A SAFE HAUL Act would raise the minimum required insurance to $4,422,000.  In addition, the bill would tie the insurance minimum to the cost of medical care inflation, making this a permanent solution to the long-time problem of underinsurance in the trucking industry.

This bill is one more step to improve the safety of our nation’s roads.  Congressman Braley has worked hard over the years to make our roads safer, through efforts such as rolling back preemption language in NHTSA regulations, opposing misguided efforts to expand Mexican trucking, and introducing the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.  If Congress can also permanently fix the problem of underinsurance, it will provide greater incentive for trucking companies to protect the motoring public.

PG&H salutes Congressman Braley for his efforts to make our highways safer!


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