Josh Hayes Settles Cullman County Accident Case

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Partner Josh Hayes recently reached a settlement in a personal injury case in Cullman County, Alabama. Our client was assisting with maintenance on a tractor trailer when the brakes were released by the adverse party, causing the tractor to come down on him. As a result, our client suffered crush injuries and was in severe pain for months. He was left permanently disfigured and was out of work for a substantial amount of time.

Initially, the owner of the tractor claimed our client was at fault. However, Mr. Hayes’ persistence and hard work earned a substantial settlement in favor of our client. The firm was willing to hire a vocational expert and economist to evaluate the case if the defendants forced it to go to trial. Luckily, it settled prior to getting that far. In addition, Mr. Hayes successfully obtained reductions of our client’s medical bills by more than $20,000. Our firm handles all kinds of personal injury cases, no matter how the injury occurred.


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