Josh Hayes Settles Hale County 18-Wheeler Case

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Friday, January 13th, 2012

Partner, Josh Hayes, recently reached a $425,000 settlement in an 18-wheeler case filed in Hale County. Our client was attempting to make a left turn off of Highway 69. To execute the turn, he slowed down and placed his left-hand turn signal on. Traveling behind our client was a log truck whose operator was recklessly exceeding the speed limit. Without slowing down, the operator struck our client from behind. The impact pushed our client into the oncoming lane of traffic, causing him to collide with another vehicle. As a result of the multiple impacts, our client suffered serious bodily injury.

The driver of the log truck had several previous driving infractions and, amazingly, the company was not even approved by the applicable state and federal agencies to be on the roads. Mr. Hayes was able to achieve a favorable settlement for our client before the case went to trial. Prince, Glover, & Hayes specializes in litigating 18 wheeler cases. Call us today for a free consultation


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