Matt Glover Files Car Wreck Lawsuit in Jefferson County

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Monday, November 27th, 2017

Prince Glover & Hayes partner Matt Glover has filed a new lawsuit in Jefferson County, Alabama. Mr. Glover represents a young woman who had her arm broken in two locations as a result of an automobile collision. The injuries resulted in Mr. Glover’s client from being able to start basic training with the Navy.

Law enforcement investigating the collision determined the other driver was at fault. Nevertheless, Sentry Insurance denied our client’s claim. The insurance company cited Alabama’s contributory negligence law as a basis for denying the claim. The facts show no basis for such a claim. Do not be discouraged from seeking legal counsel. Insurance adjusters will say anything to avoid paying fair compensation. Unfortunately, Sentry Insurance has subjected its policyholder to being sued. Please understand that many lawsuits are filed because insurance companies leave reasonable attorneys with no other choice.

Mr. Glover is appreciative of the Columbus, Mississippi attorney that referred him this case. Most of Mr. Glover’s business comes from lawyers referring him business based upon their prior experiences with him.


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