Modern Day Trucking Litigation: Exposing Both the Physical and Corporate Cause of the Catastrophic Wreck

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Part 6: Gather Evidence From the Trucking Company
-This information would include:
a. Satellite data regarding truck location
b. Qualcom data regarding the instructions to the driver
c. Employment file on driver
d. Maintenance information on truck
e. Electronic control module data

One of the clearest examples of how some transportation companies are willing to destroy critical evidence regarding a particular incident is seen in the industry’s handling of electronic control module data, or what is commonly referred to as black box data. While initially designed to electronically troubleshoot engine functions, in more recent years the electronic control modules have evolved into devices that can provide valuable information regarding what happened to the truck just before and during the accident, the driver’s actions, the truck’s speed, and how fast it decelerated.


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