Modern Day Trucking Litigation: Exposing Both the Physical and Corporate Cause of the Catastrophic Wreck

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Part 7:

Ronald Bredmeyer, President of Bredemeyer & Assocaties, a truck consulting and litigation support firm in Abilene, Texas recently wrote in his article “Make or Break Your Trucking Case with Black Box Data”:

Data should be extracted from the ECM as soon as possible after the accident to prevent destruction of evidence- and certainly before the unit operates again. If the unit is allowed to operate, some critical data may be written over by new information. In addition, the trucking company may allow a local truck dealer to extract the data before you gain access to the unit. This is done to find out what the driver was doing before and during the accident or to deliberately hide evidence, as the dealer’s software can erase some trip data and reset the device.


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