Modern Day Trucking Litigation: Exposing Both the Physical and Corporate Cause of the Catastrophic Wreck

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Monday, January 26th, 2009

Part 1:

Trucking Litigation involving catastrophic injury in today’s world requires diligence, financial support, an understanding of the complex arena of Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations and a focused strategy to overcome the numerous hurdles that exist within the discovery process.  One of the potentially difficult hurdles to overcome involves the substantial likelikhood that your investigative team is not going to be the first investigative unit to take a look at the evident.  In reality, there may be multiple investigative units that visit the scene long before you have an opportunity to do the same.  Growing trends even suggest most trucking companies and the liability carriers that insure them have an operation in place that often allows their investigative teams to make it to the scene while the involved vehicles are still there and before state law enforcement agencies have times to interview witnesses and conclude their own investigation.


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