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by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Friday, January 22nd, 2010

If you are in an auto accident…

DO NOT say that it is your fault, even if you believe it is. We know that sounds like something a lawyer would saw. However, the legal definition of fault is not the same as the one we use every day. If you admit fault, you may be admitting to more than you intend.

DO keep your records. Medical bills, police reports, and other documents can help us build your case.

DO NOT face the insurance companies alone. They have lawyers to help them. You should have one, too. Do not talk to them or sign any statements without speaking to an attorney first.

DO NOT procrastinate. The moment the accident happens, the statute of limitations starts ticking. Also, the sooner you call, the fresher the evidence, making it easier to investigate the crash and build your case.


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