Prince, Glover & Hayes Settles Fatal Blount County Tractor-Trailer Collision Case

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Partner Matt Glover recently settled a case involving a fatality in Blount County. Our clients, mother and daughter, were struck from behind by a tractor trailer. The elderly mother suffered six rib fractures, two of which were separated, and a pulmonary contusion. The mother died three and a half weeks after the accident as a result of her injuries. However, due to the time period that elapsed between the collision and her death, combined with her age and past medical history, the defendants vigorously argued that the death was not caused by the collision. Directly connecting the death to the accident was a challenge, but Mr. Glover was up to the task. He hired an expert, a former Chief Medical Examiner, to look at the case. The expert confirmed that the death was due to the development of lung complications which resulted from restricted ventilation, a complication of the multiple rib fractures endured in the collision. In addition to the expert’s opinion, Mr. Glover presented testimony of family members who witnessed our client’s suffering caused by the injuries in the weeks before her death. He also hired an accident reconstructionist to analyze the impact. As a result, Mr. Glover reached a much higher settlement than would have otherwise been possible.

Having an attorney with experience in hiring experts can greatly increase the value of your case. Mr. Glover’s experience provides him with the ability to judge when experts are a necessary expense and he has frequently worked with prominent experts in many fields across the state.


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