Prince, Glover & Hayes Settles Vicious Dog-Attack Case

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Monday, May 21st, 2012

Partner Matt Glover has reached a favorable settlement for a client whose arm was mauled by a neighbor’s pit bull. The settlement was reached with the landlord of the pit bull owner. The landlord knew that the tenants had the dog and that it was vicious, but failed to make the tenants get rid of the dog. In addition, the landlord also knew the fence on his property was broken and the dog could escape, yet failed to have the fence repaired. Our client was in her own yard when she was attacked. People who witnessed the attack said our client was pulled to the ground and dragged on her back. She suffered a broken radius and ulna, received a bone graft, and had a metal plate put in her arm. In addition, she received sixty staples in her arm and was hospitalized for five days.

This case was unique because no Alabama court had ever previously permitted a case against a landlord for an attack by a tenant’s dog off the property. Thanks to the hard work of Mr. Glover, his paralegal Kacie Davis, and Prince, Glover & Hayes investigator Chief Ken Swindle, the firm was able to put together a case strong enough to achieve the settlement. Prince, Glover & Hayes accepts personal injury cases from all counties in the state of Alabama.


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