Prince Glover Salutes WVUA on Various Awards

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Prince Glover Law congratulates the team at WVUA for their hard work and dedication. Their diligent efforts won them prestigious ABBY and AP Awards and recent ceremonies.

The AP Awards are from the Alabama
Associated Press Broadcasters Association and the station won 11 of the 17 awards given for their category.

The ABBY Awards are from the Alabama Broadcasters Association, and all stations compete together, regardless of market size/station size.

The various awards are listed below:

ABBY Awards:

ABBY for Public Service Announcement
“T-Town Paws”
Amy Eifler and Lynn Brooks

ABBY for News Series
“Justice for Bridget”
Terri Brewer and Jerome Davis

AP Awards:

Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast
WVUA-TV , Lynn Brooks, Terri Brewer, Wes Wyatt, Gary Harris, Jerome Davis, Jennifer Hamner, Jonathan Newman, Clare Stewart

Best Series
WVUA-TV, Terri Brewer and Jerome Davis, “Justice for Bridget”

Best Spot News Story
WVUA-TV, Alex Joseph, “Cows on Interstate”

Best Feature Story
WVUA-TV, Terri Brewer and Jerome Davis, “Behind the Badge: Self Defense”

Best Sports Program
WVUA TV , Gary Harris, Rodney Orr, John Huddleston, Todd Hoyer,Jonathan Newman, Jennifer Hamner, Scott Spence, Ron Hamner, Keith Dobbins, Lynn Brooks, “Tider Insider TV Recruiting Special”

Extraordinary Coverage of a Planned Event WVUA-TV, Lynn Brooks, Terry Saban, Keith Dobbins, Amy Eifler, Jennifer Hamner, Jonathan Newman, Scott Spence, Roy Clem, Clare Stewart, Terri Brewer, John Huddleston, “UA Homecoming Parade”

Victor Irving Best Staff Photography
WVUA-TV, Jerome Davis, Parrish Alleman, Todd Hoyer, John Huddleston, Alex Joseph

Best Reporter
WVUA-TV, Tyler Morton

Best Weather Anchor
WVUA-TV, Wes Wyatt

Best Sports Anchor
WVUA-TV, Gary Harris

Best Specialized Reporter
WVUA-TV, Terri Brewer

Prince Glover is proud of our association with such a fine group of professionals! Great work, WVUA!


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