Verdicts & Settlements

Over the years, Prince, Glover & Hayes has been blessed enough to obtain several multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements for their clients, a few notable ones are listed below:

$43.8 MILLION-Harmful Gasoline Fumes
$15.5 MILLION-18 Wheeler Slams Car
$8.75 MILLION-Product Failure Kills Person after 4 Years of Suffering
$8.3 MILLION-Insurance Fraud Verdict
$7.35 MILLION-Alabama Farmers Wrongfully Denied Benefits
$6.3 MILLION-Alabama Truck Driver Injured at Industrial Site in Michigan
$4.2 MILLION-Burned Workers Get Settlement
$3.5 MILLION-Drowsy Truck Driver Kills Man
$3 MILLION-3 Wheeler Kills Boy
$2.75 MILLION-Victims of Crash with Overloaded Log Truck
$2.5 MILLION-Poorly Designed Vehicle Injures Man
$2 MILLION-Drug Using Driver Injures Man
$2 MILLION-Coal Miner/Rescue Team Member Badly Burned
$1.75 MILLION-Tractor Trailer Injury after Poor Maintenance
$1.75 MILLION-Brain Injury in Overnight Tractor Collision
$1.65 MILLION-Land Contract
$1 MILLION-Victim of Crash with Speeding Tractor Trailer
$1 MILLION-Triple Fatality Trucking Wreck