Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Following Fiery July 27, 2016 Wreck

by: Prince, Glover & Hayes Monday, October 9th, 2017

TUSCALOOSA, AL – A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed following a fiery July 27, 2016 collision on Highway 69 South in Tuscaloosa County.  Edith Cortes Ixtla, acting as personal representative for the estates of her late parents (Marcelo Jimenez and Maria Cortes Ixtla), filed suit in Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court seeking to hold accountable those responsible for her parents’ tragic deaths.  The suit alleges that the defendants – two weeks before the fatal collision – negligently, wantonly, recklessly, and/or carelessly provided maintenance on the GMC Envoy, and as a result, the Envoy being driven by Maria Cortes Ixtla lost steering capability and otherwise malfunctioned causing the two deaths. Named as defendants in the wrongful death suit are: Bama Salvage and J&M Enterprises LLC (the companies who employed the mechanic and the company at whose facility the work was done), Felix Tzompaxtle Itehua (the mechanic who performed repairs on the Envoy) and Hernandez Francisco Adrian Etux and Beatrizz Zarona Bueno (the owners of the property where Bama Salvage operates).

These deaths were investigated by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.   According to ALEA’s Traffic Homicide Report,

  • in the moments just before the fatal wreck, the driver of the Envoy was fighting the steering wheel like she had no control of the Envoy’s movements before it spun out of control and collided with a Dodge Charger.
  • “one of the pre-impact tire marks left by the Envoy was different from the rest. It appeared from the tire mark made by the driver side front tire stayed straight while the passenger side front tire was turned to the left.”
  • “[t]he driver side steering components had completely came loose or broken.”
  • Defendant Felix Tzompaxtle Itehua “confirmed that he had in fact worked on the Envoy approximately two weeks prior to the collision”, having “replaced the sway bar lengths and upper control arm bushings” on the Envoy.
  • the work on the subject Envoy was performed at 9210 University Boulevard, Cottondale, Alabama, which is the address of Defendant Bama Salvage.
  • the physical evidence the Envoy’s “driver side steering components had completely come loose or broken”, which led to the fatal collision.
  • during the course of the investigation by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Defendant Itehua attempted to alter, edit, amend or otherwise destroy evidence indicating where the parts used for the Envoy’s repairs were purchased.

Edith Cortes Ixtla is being represented by personal injury attorney Josh Hayes of the Tuscaloosa firm Prince, Glover & Hayes.  The civil suit is pending in the court of Judge John H. England, Jr.  The case number is 63-CV-2017-901232.

About the law firm involved
Headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Prince, Glover & Hayes is a statewide law firm focusing on catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases where people have been injured or wronged and need help seeking justice against large, negligent corporations and other wrongdoers.  The firm’s number is 800-536-1105 and its website is www.princelaw.net.


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